Ok, the latest....


June 23rd:    Sunsets 6-9PM

June 5th:       Zimmerli Museum 5:30-9PM

July 28th:       Lago's

August 19th:  Sunsets  5-8PM

Upcoming Latest Dates!


After a successful night at Lago's, playing to a packed house where had to bring in tables and chairs from outside, the band has several upcoming gigs (and more to come!):

May 4- American Cancer Society Gala - The Palace at Somerset Park

June 5- Zimmerli Art Museum, "Art After Hours", New Brunswick

July 28- Lagos,  North Brunswick

February 3rd!


Lago's in North Brunswick!
on Farrington Lake - Washington Place off Rt130

Melt the wintertime deep freeze with the band.

Tumulty's Pub New Brunswick


To a packed house at Tumulty's, the band tore into their initial set, starting with Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, the perfect chestnut to showcase Jess Krieger's powerhouse vocals interplaying with the band's resident crooner, Michael Sadowsky over the signature lead guitar lick from Andy Covit.
Next up in the eclectic rotation was the venerable Santana nugget, Evil Ways highlighting Rick Snepar channeling Greg Rolie's Hammond organ and new band mate, John Buck Kerlin tearing it up on the outro in a manner barely hinting at the guitar pyrotechnics to be unleashed later in the evening.
Jess' vocals captivated on the band's renditions of the two Led Zeppelin classics, What Is and What Will Never Be and Bring It On Home with the classic drivin' bass foundation provided by Lou Perillo.
The wild night continued with the most excellent rockin' duet between Elio Diaz and Jess on Wild Nights with the band mashing up the best of the original Van Morrison and later John Mellencamp versions.
The night ended with a smokin' version of the Allman's One Way Out followed by the audience calling in unison for "One More Song". 

More to Come!

New Lineup, New Excitement!


With the strong additions of Jess Krieger on lead vocals and John Kerlin on lead guitar, the band is ready to hit the circuit once again.
After successful gigs in St. Petersburg, Fla last year and the American Cancer Society last spring, the new lineup has now solidified and is ready to rock the joint.

Catch us in New Brunswick at the venerable Tumulty's Pub, November 25th.  Start the 2017 Holiday season off right!

See you there!